WCBR Loves our Seniors!

Senior boxers are especially special. They have many benefits that are commonly overlooked. They have passed through the puppy stage, they typically have nice manners and are grateful for a soft bed, a squeaky or plush toy, and affection from their humans. Simply put, they make great companions!

In April 2021 WCBR welcomed a sweet 11-year-old sugar face named Rossi. Rossi has that special sparkle in his eyes and spunk in his step, he’s an overall happy seasoned fellow. Seniors are not adopted as frequently as younger dogs but WCBR could not say no to Rossi, instead, we welcomed him into a foster home. A short few weeks later WCBR was thrilled when a nice family showed interest in mister Rossi and then welcomed him into their home in early May. We have since received an update that makes our hearts swell. We just had to share with you what they have had to share with us!

“Rossi is so perfect. He is just a love bug to everyone. He expects walks every morning, which is fine by us! He supervises us when we are working in the yard. Rossi loves our bed and has learned how to use the steps we got for him to get on and off. He also uses the doggy door. We are happy we added Rossi to our family!”

Finding homes for Boxers in need fuels WCBR! If you are interested in adopting or fostering a boxer fill out an application to adopt or foster a WCBR dog today!

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