WCBR Alumnus Sam takes 3rd at the the American Dog Rescue Show!

That moment when we see one of our very own WCBR alumnus on television! We are all so proud of Sam and his mama, Maddy Harvey, who entered the 2020 American Dog Rescue Show. They both did an amazing job representing rescue boxers and Sam made top 3 in the “Best Underbite” category! Watch him dazzle the judge with his pearlies. Congratulations Sam!


About Sam: 
Sam and his bonded sister, Carla supposedly raided a family chicken coop and were surrendered to West Coast Boxer Rescue shortly after. Madelaine says that they are so well mannered and get along with her 1 and 6-year-old children so well that the whole family has a strong bond. Sam is sweet, loving and energetic who has brought a lot of life to the family. Madelaine has even lost weight walking Sam and Carla and her young son is now old enough to feed them, teaching him schedule, consistency, and responsibility. Sam in particular, loves to fetch and could chase a ball around all day.

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball
Favorite Treat: Beef jerky strips
Favorite Activity: Playing fetch at the lake
Fun facts:
• Sam is named after Sam from Cheers because he is a “tall, gangly dude”
• Every morning, Madelaine takes Sam and Carla to Folsom Lake where they play fetch, walk and smell all the smells

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