We understand that sometime there are unforeseen circumstances where it will be necessary for you to surrender your dog.  Please understand that as much as we would like to help, we are not always able to help due to the limited capacity.  We are 100% volunteer based organization and often funds are limited. If you are seriously considering surrendering your dog, here are some things to think about:

Surrendering a Boxer

Surrendering a Boxer

1. Is there any way for you to keep your dog?

  • Sometimes people move from one residence to another.  You must look for a home or apartment that allows your current dog. This sometimes means you pay extra, or put down a pet deposit.  But after all, your dog is a family member! It is your responsibility to find a dog friendly place to live.
  • Are you too busy because of your children and/or babies?  We firmly believe that the dogs are family members and should be treated as such. You would not surrender your children to an orphanage. Please consider re-committing to your dog and give them the equal love and attention that your dog deserves as well. They have emotions and needs just like you and your children do.
  • Behavioral problems such as digging, chewing, etc. can be managed by crate, training and giving the dog something else to do.  Have you worked with a trainer yet?

2. After reading the above if you still need to surrender your dog, please fill out our form below. We are unable to respond to your email about surrender inquiries unless we receive our surrender form. Please note the following:

  • Due to the volume of dogs, we are unable to take on major behavioral case such as dogs that are humanly aggressive or dog aggressive.
  • Due to the volume, we are currently not able to take on Boxer mixes.
  • If your dog is not up to date on vaccines, please get them up to date, or make a minimum donation of $45 to cover Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations.
  • If your dog is not spayed or neutered, please consider getting them spayed or neutered, or make a donation of $100 which is approximately what we would pay to get this procedure completed.

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