Introducing NomNomNow with 50% Discount!

As a founder of West Coast Boxer Rescue, and also a dog advocate, the health of my dogs as well as other dogs are always on my mind. Many pet food companies and vets say dogs should not eat people food. But did you know kibbles aren’t great for the dogs either? Did you know that until 1920’s the pet food industry didn’t exist? The pet food was created for human convenience, not for the animals. You can prepare your own pet food with some research, or get some from NomNomNow, a freshly prepared food that is veterinarian formulated and balanced for your dog. You can sign up with our code “WCBR50” and get 50% off 2 weeks delivery, plus NomNomNow will donate $25 to WCBR when you use our code. Please check them out here:

I am a firm believer in keeping my dogs healthy and well fed. What do you want to eat? Kibbles? Fresh food? What will your dog love more? If cost is a concern, you don’t have to switch over 100%, you can always add some good quality fresh food to the regular meals.

Here is a great article from Dogs Naturally magazine. I encourage everyone to read it: Thank you for your willingness to investigate and learn. Your pups are lucky to have you!

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