Summer Surges with Boxers Needing Help!

tjcharlieSummer time is lots of fun for everyone including your dogs. Vacations, camping trips, fun at the beach… the possibilities are endless. But what does that mean for homeless dogs?

Summer is one of the worst times of the year for homeless dogs. From late May to August, huge numbers of dogs are dumped on the streets, surrendered, and abandoned. Shelters are inundated with dogs, and rescues are full to capacity. Many dogs lose their lives in shelters because there is nowhere for them to go. Why does this happen? People go on vacation and don’t want to take their dogs with or board them so they dump them instead. People move into places where dogs are not allowed. Dogs escape their yards due to loud noises like fireworks, and their owners don’t look for them. Back yard breeders decide their dogs are no longer making them money or are sick so they turn them loose to fend for themselves. For all of us in rescue these things are unthinkable, yet it happens on a daily basis.

violetAdoption and fostering also slows down during summer. During the busy season, we are able to adopt 20-30 dogs per month. In the summer months we only adopt 10-15 dogs a month. Fall can be challenging too as kids go back to school and we gear up for the holidays with our loved ones.  We also take in more dogs during the summer because of the volume of dogs on death row.

We need your help to make this right for our abused and abandoned Boxers NOW. We can only continue to keep saving lives with your help. Please will you consider:

1. A one-time donation: You can donate to help the dogs in our care right now plus more dogs we continue taking in. We need funding to cover medical issues, food and boarding and behavioral issues for all of our dogs without foster homes until they are adopted into forever homes:

2. A recurring donation: You can sign up to make a recurring monthly donation. Yes, summer is a really bad time, but around holidays it can be equally as bad. We are only three months away from the holiday season. We need year-round help with funding in order for us to keep saving lives. You can sign up here:

3. We need more people to adopt and foster. Adoption and fostering slows down during summer & fall time. Having more adoptions and foster homes will help us save more lives. You can read about adopting here: Fostering info can be found here:

4. We need help transporting. We have a regularly scheduled transport on Saturdays 2X a month. We need people who can drive from Rowland Heights, CA to Coalinga, CA, as well as, San Jose, CA to Coalinga, CA. If you are able to do this once a month or so, please sign up to volunteer with us:


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