Featured Dog: Pluto Needs a Forever Home

In 2014, Pluto was rescued from a bad situation – his original owners had him tied to a chicken coop and was feeding him chicken feed, until a kind couple took him in and took care of him until we rescued him. Pluto is a big boy, weighing in around 80+ lbs. He has been around kids, loves people and takes treats gently. With proper introduction, he gets along with other dogs. He has been working with a trainer and knows his commands. He is a big boy, so he is best with strong people.  He has been waiting for his forever home and it brought us joy to see him get his wish granted with a loving family.  This is why we do what we do!



Monthly Donations Saves Lives

NO FOOD, NO HOME, NO LOVE. For just 60 cents per day, you can help rescue, feed, and provide comfort for abused an neglected boxers in need. Please help by committing to a monthly donation below:

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Featured Dog: Dodger Needs a Forever Home

In 2014 this head tilting handsome boy, Dodger, tugged our heartstrings, we had to get him to a better place.  He was rescued from Downey Animal Shelter.  Dodger is a smaller guy, only about 50 lbs.  Dodger is a lover, but he can be dog selective from time to time, and will do best in a home with strong leaders.  He has been in training with our trainer and knows many commands.

Dodger found his forever home and is thriving!

Boxer Bash was a success!


Boxer Bash 2014 Banner

Adopters, volunteers and WCBR alumni enjoyed an amazing day of great food and drinks to raise funds for Boxer dogs in need!

Check back for future Boxer Bash info!

WHAT: West Coast Boxer Rescue Boxer Bash 2014!
WHEN: Saturday, August 30th, 11 am to 3 pm
WHERE: Crown Memorial State Park @ Crolls Garden Picnic Area – 1252 McKay Ave, Alameda, CA 94501
WHO: All dog lovers are invited! Friendly dogs (of all breeds) are welcome.
HOW MUCH: $24.00 a person, kids 12 & under and dogs eat free. All proceeds benefit dogs in need!


We plan to gourmet BBQ, salad, chips, etc.!  This is included in the ticket price.


Water and soft drink is included in the cost, beer and wine are available at extra cost.


Photography by a professional photographer and you can get your photo taken together with your dog
Raffle and silent auction to benefit rescue.
Dog park for the dogs to run around in
Beach access for people (dogs are not permitted on the beach)


Adults: $24, kids 12& under and dogs eat free!  Get your tickets today here:  http://wcbr2014.eventbee.com


Parking costs $5 per car, plus $2 surcharge per dog applies at this state park.
Boxer Bash 2014 Map

Blanca Needs A Home

Blanca is a beautiful white Boxer who is EXCELLENT with kids.  She is a love and a wiggle butt, only about 2 years old.  The only issue Blanca has is that she is somewhat dog selective.  She would be great in a home with no other dogs or submissive male.  Blanca is looking for a foster home or forever home.  Won’t you open up your heart and home for Blanca?  More pictures of Blanca can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.450078935105379.1073742192.174943279285614&type=3.


Read our Adopters Handbook

Considering adopting a Boxer?  If so, please read our Adopters Handbook.  It will give you an overview of what you need to know prior to adopting a dog.  Some of the topics discussed in the books are:

  • Adjustment phase and expectatons
  • House training
  • Crate training
  • Walking tools
  • Food
  • Microchip registration
  • and much more…

Even you are an experienced adopter, we ask that you take a  moment to read through our material.  We’re sure there is something new for everyone.  You can download the handbook here.


Special Need Dog: Suzie-Q

Suzie-Q is deaf, but she doesn’t know she is lacking in any way.  She is a typical happy go lucky sweet girl  that we enjoyed getting to know as she found her forever home.  Finding the right home for our deaf adoptable dogs can be more challenging.  Consistent training for all household members is even more critical to ensure the dog is learning and seeing correct commands to have nice manners.  Ideal homes typically are those with no small children (because deaf dogs can get startled when they don’t see little kids coming).  Another dog in the household can work.  Please consider opening up your home to one of our occasional deaf pups.

Consider Mature Dogs

Older Dogs Need Homes Too. Did you know that More than 99% of the applications we receive are for young dogs? Puppies get multiple applications. Have you considered an older dog? They are generally more mellow, don’t chew up your furniture, easier to potty train if not already, don’t need as much attention and do better in a home with younger children or older human being. This is rescue. Not all the dogs that come into rescues are young. Older dogs need homes too. Right now no one wants them, and they get killed in a shelter. Would you consider opening up your heart and home to save their lives? You can choose to foster them or adopt them. To do so please fill out our application here and mention you are interested in helping an older dog.

Truth About White Boxers

White Boxer with natural earsWhite boxers are beautiful!   White Boxers are NOT albinos. They all have some spots of pigmentation somewhere on the body.  White boxers are not rare.  Approximately 20 ‐ 25% of the boxers are white due to flashy to flashy boxer breeding. Because white is not a part of the breed standard, breeders used to euthanize perfectly healthy white puppies.  The practice is changing and white boxers are placed in homes on a spay/neuter basis more and more.

As you can see in the old photographs of Boxers in Germany, white coloring is in the genetic pool. It is said that the white became a disqualification due to Boxers being used as war dogs.

First German Boxer Club show - March 29, 1896

First German Boxer Club show – March 29, 1896

White boxers are prone to sunburn. A certain amount of deafness is associated with white boxers. This is caused by lack of pigment cell in the inner ear. The genetic basis of deafness in white boxer is the same as in the Dalmatian. The prevalence of deafness in both ears is approximately 5-8%. Up to about 13% can be deaf in one ear. Deafness in one ear generally goes unnoticed by people. Deaf dogs are generally able to lead a perfectly happy life with human and dog companions.

The Truth about White Boxers

  • White Boxers are not rare – 20 to 25% of Boxers are born white
  • White Boxers are not all or mostly deaf – Approximately 5-8% are deaf in both ears and up to 13% can be deaf in one ear
  • White Boxers do not suddenly go deaf – if they are able to hear around 4-6 weeks the chances of them going deaf is the same as any other dogs
  • White Boxers are not albinos
  • White Boxers are as smart as fawn or brindle counterparts
  • Some of the White Boxers do sunburn more easily, just like some Caucasian humans will sunburn more easily – you can use sunscreen to prevent it
  • White Boxers are no more prone to blindness than any other Boxers
  • White Boxers are no more prone to illness than any other Boxers
  • White Boxers are no more aggressive than any other Boxers
  • There is no evidence whatsoever that white Boxers are more prone to cancer

White Boxers are Beautiful!!!  Adopt a White Boxer Today!White Boxer

Featured Dog: Jett

Jett was rescued from Moreno Valley Animal Shelter in 2013. He was listed as being 2 years old, but this boxer boy is only about 1 year old. He is on the small side for a male boxer @ 42 lbs but still has some growing and filling out to do. He will be about 50 lbs full size.  Jett is still a typical puppy and is full of energy. He is a very sweet boy who just wants to play all day. He definitely needs some TLC and training. He wants to please and will learn quickly with positive reinforcement. He is good with other dogs people but needs to learn manners including not jumping. Jett is not good with cats.  Because of his energy level, we found him a home with no small children.

Another success story!  Happy times ahead for Jett!

Foster or Adopt & Save a Life

It is estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals were euthanized in the nation’s shelters in 2008.  You can save a life or lives by fostering or adopting.  More than half the dogs that end up in the shelter system in United States will perish.  Make a difference today!